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Water changes color according to temperature of water.

Take your kitchen to the next level.

Give your basic kitchen sink or bathroom sink that wow factor.

Make your kitchen look like it belongs to a Masterchef.

Brighten up your kitchen with a led light show whenever you turn on the tap. Uses hydropower!

No batteries, no wiring needed. Hydro-powered led light.

  • When water is cold (below 32 degrees Celsius approx.), water stream is BLUE.
  • When water is between 33-40 degrees Celsius approx., water stream is GREEN.
  • When water is above 42 degrees Celsius (approx.), water stream is RED.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • The light is activated by water pressure and turns off automatically with the water.
  • Transform water stream into a beautiful waterfall of light.
  • Impress house guests with a kitchen light show.
  • Easily notice if you are washing leafy greens with hot water water by accident.
  • Fits standard tap. Simply replaces original or attaches onto existing tap end. 
  • Internal thread diameter: 22mm
  • Size: 3.8cm x 2.5cm

Includes: 1 led light temperature sensor tap head

led light temperature sensitive tap head