Nasal Irrigation System

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Snoring constantly disturbing your sleeping as well making your spouse cranky?

Feeling lethargic during the day because you are not sleeping well?

Potentially increase important REM sleep cycles with easy to do preventative measures.

Introducing the Neti Pot Nasal Irrigation System.

Clear sinuses and relieves allergies. 

Happy spouse, Happy House.

Cleanse and moisturise nasal passages. Help relieve congestion.

Nasal airway irrigation. Clear nasal passage ways of debris which obstruct breathing and which cause most forms of snoring. Nose will slowly no longer be inflamed and recover from swelling inducing allergies.

Fill bottle with half a teaspoon of very fine himalayan pink salt and luke warm water. Shake until solution is well dissolved. Also works great with true colloidal silver.

Lean head down into sink. Tilt head sideways and place nozzle into upper nostril. Relax and breath in and out. Salt solution should just fill nasal cavity and exit through other nostril. You should be able to breath perfectly fine through your mouth. Repeat step with other nostril side. Once complete shake head gently while head is done to release any water. Great when done just before sleep. Do this daily for a week or 2 and you and your spouse will have pleasant nights sleep. 


Proper and regular use will leave nasal airways clear.

Works even better with a couple drops of colloidal silver particle solution and or atomic iodine.

Lots of people have dust allergies and don't realize it. Make sure to clean rooms of dust as well. Attack symptoms from multiple angles.

Will aid treatment of the following ailments.



Sleep Apnea

Used as part of Ayurvedic Treatments.

 Neti pot directions