Forex Trading Spreadsheet

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 In partnership with we are offering their Forex Trading Spreadsheet for a discount price.

Do you follow a Telegram FX trading feed, Youtube trading channel, Twitter trading feed or any number of trading feeds? Track trades with this easy to use trading spreadsheet.

Position sizing one of the most important yet neglected things to do in trading.

Only with position sizing can you be profitable in the long run.

Easily work out the correct Reward to Risk ratio

Plan. Manage. Profit

Trade with more confidence.

Learn how to place stop losses

Margin size

Learn how much you should receive per trade

Make sure you are profitable.

With this purchase you will have access to how to place stop losses and targets. Buy and sell orders diagrams.

Most people don't know that with set and forget trading system you can have huge high reward to risk ratios.

High probability trading strategies

High reward and low risk

Work from home or on holiday. Set and forget trading system.

Learn what most learn in 5 years in little as a week.

Trade like hedge funds.