Magnetic Fast Charging Premium Nylon Cable with 3 phone connectors

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Charge different devices with the same cable. Keep the connector attached to mobile device at all times.

Easily connect and charge your mobile devices with quick connect powerful magnets. 

Magnetic lightning cable Usb cable

No loose usb connections which slowly damage ports with constant use.

Includes - micro usb connect

              - Apple iPhone lightning connector.

              - usb Type-C connector

Premium Long-life Gold plated connections.

Heavy duty nylon braided fast charging cable.

Perfect with protective case and tempered glass screen protector.

Comes in the following colour choices: Black and Grey Silver

Length of cable: 1 metre


2.4A high current Fast charging Magnetic Cable
Intelligent automatic power off protection
Automatic positioning, without upside or downside. Quick hassle-free phone charging.

Futureproof your cable with multiple connectors. Even if your current phone doesn't use usb type-c you have it available for future smartphone products.

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Don't you love the power of magnets!

Apple iPhones, Samsung, SONY, Blackberry, LG, Nokia, HTC, Palm, Toshiba, Panasonic, Motorola

Apple iPhone 7 7plus 6 5 5s
If you don't like blue charging light in your face, you can simply flip over :)Magnetic USB charging cable