Wireless Digital Thermometer with Probe

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No longer do you literally have to slave away in front of the stove. Walk away and have fun with your children or relax in front of the tv.

Take the guesswork out of gauging if meat is cooked or not. Make sure meats, poultry and bbq items are perfectly cooked to your desired meat preparation without checking and cutting into the meat constantly. The ONLY way to know the temperature of the meat, which is the best gauge of done for anything cooked on the grill, is by using a good thermometer inserted into the muscle from the side of the steak, possibly through the fat cap, and into the center.  Yes, you can get a sense of how it is based upon time on the grill and the color of the sear marks, but time is generally not a measure of “doneness” on the grill. A visual reference on the outside can tell you when the outside is done — and time to remove from direct heat — but the only sure-fired way to know when the meat is done to perfection the way you like it is by measuring the internal temperature. Also remember to rest your meats. This is because meat is still cooking slowly from residual heat. Resting also lets the meat absorb juices so when you cut it juice doesn't leak out and keeps it in the meat.

Multiple Thermometer settings.

Step away from the oven and monitor the inside temperature of roasts from another room.

Easy to clean stainless steel temperature probe.